Bianca Lopes

Identity Advocate, Investor

As an investor, business builder, economist, and identity expert I focus on driving meaningful impact through technology and regulation. Leading many significant identity projects, I have helped transform how data can unlock financial and social worth. My central focus is on how we can rewire finance using the power of digital identity, ethics, and Web3. 

I’m driven by how we negotiate competing values with data and information technologies. In my work I have supported over 40 financial institutions and 8 governments to reshape their approach to technology, rethink the role of identity, and leverage their innovation agendas. I manage an international speaking calendar to help business leaders, governments, and consumers understand the impact that data, privacy, and finance will continue to have on our lives. 

My journey and lived experience have informed my worldview. Born in Brazil, educated in Canada, based in Denmark, and multilingual, I have encountered both sides of economic and digital development. My mission is to build bridges and create value. I am honored to work with UNESCO’s International Research Center on Artificial Intelligence. Here we facilitate cooperation in developing artificial intelligence with special emphasis on supporting the development of a vibrant AI ecosystem globally.