Kasper Uhd Jepsen

Senior Vice President, Tribe Lead, Daily Corporate and Transaction Banking

Kasper has 18 years’ experience in leading IT, business development and transformation. Experienced leader with the ability to recruit, develop and grow talent.

6 years’ broad experience in business and wholesale banking, especially on TxB, FX and Capital Markets products, regulatory/risk/sector dimensions and sales/operations excellence (front, middle and back office functions)

Kasper posses vast experience with strategy and business model transformation. Deep insights into capturing customer needs and application of relevant improvement levers to deliver on transformation business case.

Holds a MSc in Production Mgmt. from DTU and has been lecturing on university level at Accenture Core School Chicago (2004-08), Quality Mgmt. at DTU (2007, 2013), Robotics & AI in London (2017), CX & Business Transformation in a Banking context in Stockholm (2019)