Martin Sokk

CEO & Co-Founder at Lightyear

Martin is a lifelong product builder in the finance world and more recently joined Wise (formerly TransferWise) as the first product person. There, he was responsible for building the company’s offering and performance. During his five years at the company, Martin took on various leadership roles from head of product, spending some time as Head of People, tackling money operations and liquidity management as the Head of Operations

Martin began working with Mihkel on the idea for Lightyear in the summer of 2020. After meeting for a coffee to catch up, they both quickly realised that they shared a strong opinion: investing in Europe is still broken. 

As regular investors themselves, they shared frustrations with having to use multiple platforms for different things to get the best outcomes, experiencing firsthand the high fees, sneaky hidden costs and the complicated nature of investing. The idea for Lightyear was born out of a personal frustration that they both realised can help millions of people around Europe.