Mike Sigal

Thought Leader, Adviser, Investment Committee Member of Standard Chartered Bank and Co-Founder of Upside Partners

Mike Sigal is a globally recognized expert on fintech and innovation in financial services. He works with leaders across the industry: startups, corporations and investment funds.

Mike helps Seed to Series B founders refine their strategy, accelerate revenue, acquire funding, and develop high performing organizations. Drawing upon his experience as a founder and VC, he helps corporate executives and teams improve the agility and performance of their innovation and investment programs. And he helps accelerators and VC funds more effectively source, diligence, and support startups.

Mike currently serves as an advisor to numerous startups, as CEO of 20022 Labs, as an Investment Committee member of Standard Chartered Bank’s corporate venture fund, and as Co-Founder of Upside Partners.

Prior to his advisory work, Mike was a Partner of 500 Startups Fintech Fund, responsible for over 80 early-stage investment globally, Executive Producer of SWIFT’s Innotribe Challenges Program, and a 7-time startup founder with three exits including one IPO.