Some of our confirmed speakers for NFW2022

Ken Villum Klausen

Founder & CEO at Lunar

Christian Kromann

CEO at SimCorp

Kaidi Ruusalepp

CEO and Founder at Funderbeam

Denise Johansson

Co-Founcer and Co-CEO at Enfuce

Christoffer Malmer

Head of SEBx

Pascal Bouvier

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of MiddleGame Ventures

David Larsson

CEO at Sileon

Johan Hellman

Head of ETFmatic at Aion Bank

Emil Jonsson

Creative Director at Ey Doberman

Kevin Murcko

Founder & CEO of Coinmetro

Heikki Rautila

Head of OP Lab at OP

Gísli Kristjánson

CTO & Co-Founder at Monerium

Michael Hansen

EVP at Fortnox and CoFounder of Capcito

Sophie Bohr Grønbæk

CEO & Co-Founder at Undo

Heidi Lee

Investor at Dreamcraft Ventures

Kevin Lösch

Investor at Inventure

Hans Henrik

Co-founder & Core Community Member of Moonjelly

Jeff Tijssen

Expert Partner and Global Head of Fintech at Bain & Company


Head of Ark Kapital Denmark


Senior Director and Executive Advisor Strategy Innovation and Market Advisory Tietoevry Banking



Jesper Johansen

Managing Director Kameo Denmark

Corinne Lleti

Commercial Director EMEA at Provenir

Theodor Christensen

Head of Sustainable Finance AT Danish FSA

Marcus Mølleskov

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer at Januar

Jesper Jensen

Senior Consultant at CX Allianz

Kristofer Ekman Sinclair

Growth Director, Co-Founder of Zimpler

Lars Seier Christensen

Chariman of Concordium Foundation

Haukur Skúlason

CEO & Co-founder at indó

David Bentow

Managing Editor at Børsen

Ronit Ghose

Global Head of Banking, FinTech & Digital Assets Research for Citi

Erika Piirmets

Digital Transformation Adviser at e-Estonia

Tarmo Virki

Head of Communications at Single.Earth

Kim Fuglsang Kristoffersen

Head of Strategic Partnerships at MobilePay

Sarah Barslund Lauridsen

Head of Products & Solutions at Banking Circle

Christine Loft hunderup

chief digital officer
at velliv

Ramtin matin

Head of Innovation at SpareBank 1 SR-Bank

Mari-Liis Kukk

Head of Innovation at the Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority

Greta Monstavice

CEO & Co-Founder of Katalista Ventures

George Kendall

CX Expert and Crypto Enthusiast at Allianz


CTO at ArK Kapital
Forbes 30 under 30

Bernardo Magnani

CEO & Co-founder at Striga


Regulatory Strategic Partner at Nordea Group Legal

Kim Ulf
Rehfeld Thoden

CEO & Founder at Moneyflow

Alexandra Andhov

Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen

Søren Bligaard

Management Consultant at PA Consulting


Head of Marketing & Communication, Moneyflow


COO & Founder at Ark Kapital


CEO at Crediwire

Emil Hein Maltesen

Management Consultant at Implement Consulting Group

Johan van Mil

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Peak Capital

Hannah Robinson

Marketing and Communications Associate at CPH Fintech

Mads Tingsgård

Head of Fintech Intelligence at Copenhagen Fintech

Sveinn Valfells

CEO & Co-founder of Monerium

Philip Konopik

Regional Managing Director Nordics and Baltics at Visa


CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council

Taavi Tamkivi

Founder & CEO at Salv

Omri Ross

Chief Blockchain Officer at eToro

Jesper Nielsen


Hanna Heiskanen

Advisor at the Finnish FSA

David Grundy

Innovation Specialist

Kristian Rönn

CEO & Co-founder at Normative

Gunnlaugur Jónsson

CEO & Founder of The Fintech Cluster- Iceland

Eric Fulwiler

Co-Founder & CEO of Rival, x CMO at 11:FS

Tuire Mäkelä

Strategic Commercial Manager at Nordea and Co-chair of Mobey Forum's Payments Group

Karina Rothoff Brix

Country Manager for Denmark at Firi

Niclas Persson

CEO & Co-founder at Deedster


CEO & Founder at MakeImpact

Kevin Chong

Fintech Investor, Co-head at Outward VC

Johanna Schreck

Digitalisation Expert at the Bank of Finland

Martin Staal Boesgaard

CEO & Founder at PII Guard



Bahareh Zand

CPO at Sileon

Gioia Arieti

TeDx speaker & Human Centred Designer at Danske Bank

louise ferslev


Jenny Gaffner

Nordic Head of Marketing & Customer Communications BNP Paribas Personal Finance

Sabrina Kiss

Management Consultant at Implement Consulting Group

Thomas Christian Vasehus

Engagement Manager at Implement Consulting Group

Chris Crespo

Head of Content at Nordic Fintech Magazie

Sarah Habib

Strategist at 11:FS Ventures

Bianca Lopes

Identity Advocate & Investor

Leda Glyptis

Chief Client Officer at 10x Banking

Monika Liikamaa

Co-CEO & Co-Founder at Enfuce

Charlotte Lowry

MLRO and Compliance Director at Pleo

Kasper Uhd Jepsen

SVP Tribe Lead, Daily Corporate and Transaction Banking

Robert Lindgren

Creative Director EY Doberman

Lars Ohnemus

Director of Center for Corporate Governance at Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

Ewan Macleod

Chief Transformation Officer - Middle East

Rasmus Beyer

Partner, National Financial Crime Advisory Leader at Deloitte

Velipekka Kuoppala

Chief Strategy Officer at Fairown

Taylor Ryan

General Manager of Layer Three Ventures & CEO at Klint

Joachim Allerup

Expert Partner at Bain & Company

Julia Ront

Founder and CEO at Vespia


Head of Product at Indó Bank

Simon Ousager

CEO & Co-Founder at Januar


Partner AT Suma Ventures

Karin Nemec

CEO & Co-founder at Grünfin

Timm Jeppesen

CEO & Co-founder at Risika

Christian Jain Kongsted

Top investor at

Rasmus Løfstrøm

Head of Innovation & Strategy at Topdanmark

Ida Ström

Senior Product Designer at Mercury


Director of Communications and Public Affairs at NBX

Simon Boonen

Fintech Lead at ING Neo

Mads Brix

VP - Branding and Marketing at Crediwire

Luidas Kanapienis

CEO & Co-Founder of Ondato

Luca Mancuso

Business Development Associate for Luxembourg House of Financial Technology

Emil Wargelius

Head of Sales Nordic & Baltics at Zimpler


Chief Operations Officer at Tryg

Martin Sokk

CEO & Co-Founder at Lightyear

Natasha de Terán

co-author of the book: The Pay Off: how changing the way we pay changes everything.

Stine Kalmer Jørgensen

CEO & Founder at Dreamplan

Caroline Emch

Vice President of Government Affairs at American Express

Jessica Didrikson

General Counsel and Head of Personal Banking Legal at Nordea

Julia Morrongielo

Head of Growth Europe for Zero Hash

Deborah Chappell

Advocate at MuscatMizzi Advocates

Marc Mettler

Managing Partner & Head of Business Development 3rd-eyes analytics

Joel Nordström

CEO & Co-Founder at Avantir

Rikke-Louise Ørum Petersen

Deputy Director at Danish FSA

Michael Hopp

Attorney at law, Partner

George Amanatiadis

VP BAnking & Finance - Sales & Succes at Scrive

Brian Dzansi Dzidefo

Digital and Commercial Advisor, Embassy of Denmark in Ghana

Tim Mussche

Regional Vice President at nCino NEMEA

Erlend Nitter-Hauge

Senior Strategic Partnership Manager at DNB

Oliver Sjöstedt

Principal at Upfin

Mike Sigal

Thought Leader and Co-Founder of Upside Partners

Guðmundur Kristjánsson

CEO & Founder at Lucinity

Jørund Gjesvik

Managing Director at FundingPartner Norway

Visti Larsen

CEO & Co-FOUNDER AT NewBanking Identity

Simon Ernst-Sunne

CEO at Opoint

Hannah Becher

Senior Risk & Decision Scientist at Pleo

Leonard Schreij

CEO at Monto

Johan Strand

CEO of Zimpler

Hamza Behzad

Head of Product and Marketing at Meniga