Taavi Tamkivi

Founder & CEO at Salv

Taavi Tamkivi is the founder and CEO of Salv, an Estonian-based regtech founded in 2018. Taavi has two decades of compliance experience – firstly leading Skype’s anti-fraud team, and then building Wise’s anti-money laundering team and tooling.
At Skype, he learned the challenges of managing and analysing massive data sets, at Wise, the value of building iterative, fast-scaling tooling that meets the needs of the ever-changing fincrime landscape. At Salv, Taavi is combining these experiences to beat financial crime – by building faster, smarter, data-driven technology for financial companies. Outside of Salv, Taavi is leading the AML working group at the European Fintech Association, and the board member for FinanceEstonia, the peak body of Estonian fintechs.