Get ready to experience the greatest fintech event in the Nordics at Nordic Fintech Week!
The event was born from a partnership between two major players in the Nordic fintech community - Copenhagen Fintech and Nordic Fintech Magazine. In 2022, this partnership brought what was once the Copenhagen Fintech Week to the next level, resulting in the creation of Nordic Fintech Week.

Now, we are back and ready to do it all again! We will bring together the entire Nordic Fintech Ecosystem at the number one go-to event in the region. Join us for a one-of-a-kind fintech experience and be part of the future of fintech in the Nordics.

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Ditte Dyhr,
Head of Production

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Chris Crespo,
Head of Programme

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Stian Faber,
Head of Partnerships

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Thomas Krogh,

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Simon Schou,
Chief Innovation Officer

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Corinna Covini,
Head of Marketing

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