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Who is Nordic Fintech Week

It’s 2016, and the newly formed Copenhagen Fintech team foresees the need for the Nordic financial sector to come together, connect, and exchange knowledge to strengthen the ecosystem and put Nordic fintech on the global radar.

The first conference went live in 2017 as “Copenhagen Fintech Week,” a small gathering in Copenhagen harbor, a time in which the fintech sector was still unaware of any hype and jargon.

Growing year by year, “Copenhagen Fintech Week” changed its name in 2022 to “Nordic Fintech Week”, to better reflect its role as leading community-driven fintech conference in Northern, that enables growth for the Nordic fintech ecosystem through facilitating global network, partnerships, and knowledge – what we call “Nordic Innovation, Global Scale”.

It’s 2024, and Nordic Fintech is extremely attractive to global stakeholders.

A history of pioneering digital adoption with a strong emphasis on design and user friendliness, an open-minded and e-ready population, a high-trust society with commitment to equality and democracy, close collaborations between public authorities and local startups – all of this has made it possible for the Nordics to be a prime spot for Fintech development.

In the true Nordic knowledge-sharing ethos, Nordic Fintech Week is the hotpot to get local and global perspective, the place to create connections and partnerships that will lead the way to the financial industry of tomorrow.

Let build the future of fintech, together at Nordic Fintech Week 2024.

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