2024 FAQs and Venue Information

You have questions, we have answers

At The Venue

Where is the Venue?

Nordic Fintech Week will be on September 25-26 at TAP1 — a premier event venue located in beautiful Copenhagen.

The venue is located in

Raffinaderivej 10, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark. 

For specific instructions on how to get there navigate to the “Getting There” section at the bottom of this page.

The Nordic Fintech Research Symposium will be held on 24 September at
The Old Celebratory Hall at University of Copenhagen, 4 Frue Plads 1168 København.

How to get to the Venue?

  • Bus:
    Bus 37
     “Raffinaderivej” – 5 min walk from TAP1
    Bus 31 “Holmbladsgade” – 10 min walk from TAP1

    M2 (towards Copenhagen Airport). Get off at Lergravsparken St. or Øresund St. – 20 min walk from TAP1.
    Find information about the public transportation at rejseplanen.dk.

  • Taxi:
    Nordic Fintech Week has partnered with Viggo, a fully electric taxi company operating exclusively with zero-emission cars. Viggo will offer a 10% discount to all Nordic Fintech Week attendees, with the code sent directly to all ticket holders.
    Download the Viggo app.

Is there parking available?

The area offers 300 parking spaces paid by the hour through the app, EasyPark.

Download the EasyPark app.

Accessibility of the Venue

Nordic Fintech Week is accessible for people with restricted mobility as the main entrance of the venue is connected to a ramp. Furthermore, the venue offers accessible toilets.


Explore our recommended hotels and enjoy exclusive deals for the duration of the event, with the discounts sent directly to all ticket holders.


When you arrive at the venue, you’ll spot the Check-In area in zone 1.

That’s where you can grab your name badge and a wristband, which you must keep on you at all times to gain entry to Nordic Fintech Week 2023.

Check out the venue map at the bottom of this page to learn where zone 1 is located.


Got question? We have answers. 

We have an info desk located at the same location as our reception and check-in desks. There will be a full staff on site both days during opening hours.

Is there a cloakroom?

Yes, we do have a free-of-charge cloakroom available at the check-in desk


Food and non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary and available in our lounge and bar area located in Zone 2.

Our food buffet will serve a light breakfast, refreshments, and lunch on both days of the event at no extra charge.

There will also be a complimentary BBQ hosted by Mastercard and a complimentary Happy Hour with alcoholic drinks hosted by Lucinity.

We will also host an afterparty on the second day that you won’t want to miss. This closing event will be your last chance to network.

Alcoholic drinks during the event are available in Zone 2 at our paid bar.


Networking without a network? Tough job!

That’s why we’ve made public WiFi available to all our guests.

Name: Flavor of Fintech (20.-27.sep)

The password will be displayed on your name badge .

We also have a WiFi network available for exhibitors only.

Name: TAP1 Exhibitor network

Password: You can find the PW in the exhibitor manual or request it at the info desk.

Log-in details can be found on your name badge as well as in banners near the info-desk

Networking Spaces

Our entire venue is considered a networking area where you can meet and mingle with the Nordics most influential Fintech leaders. 


We’ve also designated a private one-on-one area where you can have dedicated meetings. 


These meetings can be booked in advance using the Brella app.


In-app bookings will become available as we get closer to the event. Look out for our newsletter announcement.


Don’t wait too long once the announcement is made, places fill fast!


Not sure how to use the Brella app? Check out our Brella FAQs section below. 

Safety and Security

At Nordic Fintech Week 2023, your safety and security are our top priorities. We’re all in this together, so if you notice anything out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to speak up.


In the unlikely event of any security concerns, please reach out to our friendly staff at the Info Desk or the nearest security personnel. You’ll easily spot them at the event entrance and throughout the venue.


Rest assured, our dedicated security team is not only well-trained in basic first aid but also equipped to swiftly coordinate with first responders for any more serious situations.


Remember, 112 is the emergency services number in Denmark. Don’t hesitate to ring that number if you find yourself in an emergency situation.


Let’s make Nordic Fintech Week 2023 a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone!

Lost it? Found it?

If you happen to lose or find something during the event, kindly make your way to the Info Desk, and our friendly team will be glad to assist you and log the details.


Is the event content in English?

Yes, the event will be hosted in English.

Where can I find the stage and session program?

The full program is available on our program page and it will also be made available on our event platform two weeks before the event. The program is subject to change, make sure to double check it before the event.

Where can I find the event map?

You can find the venue map at the bottom of this page

Where is the nearest airport?

Copenhagen Airport is conveniently situated in Kastrup, just 6km away from the venue and 8km away from the city centre. 


Getting to the venue from the airport is a breeze! Just hop on the M2 line of the Metro via Vanløse or catch a cab for a quick ride.


If you’d like to take a taxi, you can reach the city centre in around 20-30 minutes. Prices typically range from 250-350 DKK, depending on the traffic. 


Copenhagen is also easily reachable by ferry from other Nordic countries, including Norway and Sweden.


Enjoy the trip!

What should I bring with me to Nordic Fintech Week 2024?

Our team at Nordic Fintech Week wants you to have the best possible experience which is why we have prepared our venue to host all the comforts a modern and leading event can offer. Here you will find refreshments and food as well as lounging areas and wifi connection. 


Being said that, you’ll definitely want to pack anything you deem necessary to make the best out of the conference like your


  • Mobile device
  • Business cards
  • Laptop


Also, don’t forget to bring any medication or any other necessary items that you would bring with you if you expected to be away from home for a long period of time.


Where can I get my tickets?

You can purchase tickets directly on our website by navigating to our tickets page here 

Can I transfer my ticket?

Sure! The instructions on how to change the ticket allocation are included in your ticket.

Is one ticket valid for only one person?

Yes, just to clarify, each ticket is valid for one person only. However, you can transfer the ticket to someone else if needed.

Brella Networking App

What's the Brella networking app?

Brella is a complete event platform built for networking, bringing you a powerful and relevant networking experience ✨

At Nordic Fintech Week, we leverage this powerful app to:

1️⃣ Help our attendees book one-on-one meetings

2️⃣ Create your own personal agenda

3️⃣ Prepare for an incredible experience at Nordic Fintech Week

How does it work?

🔹 Step 1:


Two weeks before the event all ticket holders will be invited to join the Brella app where you’ll get to manage your event experience and book one-on-one networking meetings with other attendees.


The invite is personal and unique so please check the details on your ticket(s) to make sure that we have the correct info and ensure that you maximize your NFW2023 experience.


When you get the invitation to join Brella, you simply need to sign up for the platform and create your profile.


In the app, we offer a detailed and thorough list of interests relevant to you and the industry at large.


Choose topics that accurately reflect your interests, and decide on the goals you’ll like to achieve during the event.

Your choices will feed the app’s AI-powered algorithm with information that will help personalize your experience.


🔹 Step 2: 


Once you complete your profile, you’ll immediately see your recommended matches. Make sure you book a meeting with your first match.


To book a meeting simply select a profile, choose an available time, and send a meeting request to start the discussion.


When booking 1:1 meetings through Brella you will automatically be awarded a meeting spot in our 1:1 meeting zone.


🔹 Step 3:

Show up on event day to enjoy the most amazing content and attend 1:1 meetings!


Fill your schedule with meetings and maximize your time at Nordic Fintech Week

Where can I download the app?

The app is available in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store

Do I need the Brella networking app?

While you can enjoy our event without using the Brella app, we absolutely recommend using it. 


With its AI-based matchmaking tool and complete overview of the Nordic Fintech Week program, it’s your ticket to enjoying the best possible experience and making the most out of the event. 


Fun fact: 90% of meetings are booked via the Brella app even before Nordic Fintech Week kicks off. Therefore, it’s important to get on the app if you want to take advantage of one-on-one meetings and networking.

When can I start booking meetings in the app?

In-app bookings will become available as we get closer to the event, typically two-weeks before the start date. Look out for our newsletter announcement.


Don’t wait too long once the announcement is made, places fill fast!

Get in Touch

How can I contact the Nordic Fintech Week?

For contact information, please visit our about us page, where you can find information corresponding to each of our departments.

Getting There

By Bus

Bus 37 “Raffinaderivej” – 5 min walk from the venue

Bus 31 “Holmbladsgade” – 10 min walk from the venue

To find more information about public transport by bus navigate to www.rejseplanen.dk

By Metro

M2 line (towards Copenhagen Airport). Get off at Lergravsparken St. or Øresund St. – 10 min walk from the venue

To find more information about public transportation by metro navigate to  www.rejseplanen.dk

By Bike

The venue is easy to reach by bike with plenty of parking available.

You can map your route by clicking here.

By Car

The venue is located in Raffinaderivej 10 where over 300 parking spaces are available for conference guests, by paying for the parking spaces via the Easy Park app.

You can map your route by clicking here.